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The original was created out of love and a need to fulfil a purpose: to get my work out there. Although the site has been well made-over since its inception, I found it difficult to completely discard its roots. was designed and created as part of a gather workshop that I took part in during the August of 2015. It was there that I first learned how to bend HTML and CSS to my will to create marvellous masterpieces (and good-intentioned subpar attempts). Learning the basics was quite easy and once I had the hang of it, I was able to work through much of what I wanted by experimenting or googling features. I was once extremely proud of this piece of work, and to an extent, I still am, although I am a bit disappointed by its unprofessional design.

I wouldn't consider the project a failure because it served its purpose, and very well at that! I did, however, learn a few things from its demise. Design is incredibly important. While I was initially impressed with how it looked, the site was lacking a professional edge and after a while, I realised that the design needed a major overhaul. Designs should not age or "become boring" over time like mine did — it's important to be fresh and inviting... timelessness is definitely not a bad thing! I also discovered the importance of dividers and containers in website design. In the original site, everything was centered around boxes. The addition of containers and dividers into the new site gives it a fresher and more unified look, making it more attractive to potential visitors. Finally, I learned the importance of revision and planning. I never properly planned my site or bothered to revise the design after it was completed. If I had spent just a little longer on these processes, I may have been satisfied with the result for a longer period of time.

So here it is: the beginning of my exploration of user experience. Feel free to look around and see what you can! If you're curious about my original site, you can find it here.